Our Vision: A Home for Everyone

Housing Cambridge is a non-profit housing organization that manages 9 properties (448 units) in the City of Cambridge, Ontario. Its mission is to provide the opportunity for people of all income levels to access quality housing in our city. We have both apartment rentals and townhouse rentals in Cambridge.  Read more about Housing Cambridge here.

Applying for Subsidized Housing

Housing Cambridge offers two types of subsidized rental units: Rent Geared-to-income (RGI) and Below Average Market Rents (BAMR). The application process for each rental type is different. You can learn more about our rental policies and how to apply for housing by clicking here.

Check out our exciting new SPROUTS program!!

                                                                                                       Sprouts Building Stronger Communities Together

Click on the links below to view the Sprouts brochure, information package, and application form.

Sprouts Brochure

Sprouts Information Pkg

Sprouts Application Form 

Questions about Sprouts?

Email:  sproutscambridge@gmail.com

Call:  (519) 650-5599 ext. 222

The “Who To Contact” Directory for Tenants

If you’re a tenant at Housing Cambridge, click on this Directory to find out “Who the right person is” to handle your concerns.

Housing Opens Doors

Once you ring the doorbell, explore this website to learn about the issue and the impact of affordable housing in our community.

Units for Rent at Full Market Value

There are currently no rentals available. Please check back soon or contact us for more details.

Vacancies listed on this page are units available only at Market Rent.

Maintenance Requests

For routine general maintenance, telephone the Administrative Coordinator at 519-650-5599 ext. 221. For all other maintenance inquiries, telephone the Maintenance Coordinator at 519-650-5599 ext. 230. See here for definitions of Emergency, Urgent and Routine maintenance situations. For after-hours Emergencies please call 519-650-4759.

News and Events

Housing Cambridge Gardens!

Throughout the last few months, residents have been taking several initiatives in their own yards! Driving through the Housing Cambridge sites, the wide array of landscaping methods is so wonderful to see. Keep it up everyone!

Click here to read more.

Margaret Street Gardens

The property at 565 Margaret Street was developed from an old brown site that had stood empty for many years. The front of the building was left in typical condition by the builders. Rocks, clay, debris and garbage composed the large “landscaped” area that fronts in to the development. For the first two years there […]

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Eagle Street Bird Hotel

On May 29, 2014 Andy Toman, a Housing Cambridge employee donated a “Bird Hotel” that houses more than 50 birds. The Bird Hotel has been under construction for a while now and it was a great delight to see the Bird Hotel being put up! Many birds can now call 650 Eagle Street home and […]

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