Our Staff

<strong>Steve Garrison</strong>
Steve Garrison
General Manager

(519) 650-5599 Ext. 229

Steve has served in a senior capacity in the management of affordable housing for over 20 years. His experience includes the management of housing for single people, families, seniors and individuals with special needs. Throughout his career he has demonstrated a commitment to developing strong and healthy housing communities. Steve’s two favourite things are outdoor activities and chocolate…even better when they’re combined i.e. s’mores!

<strong>Anne Fry</strong>
Anne Fry
Property Manager

(519) 650-5599 Ext. 227

Anne offers 20 years’ experience in the Property Management role and has excellent interpersonal skills. She handles all aspects of tenant placement, lease administration, rent collection and arrears/bad debt collections. Anne also offers 13 years of experience in carrying out the non-profit accounting function. Anne can often be found walking her dogs on local trails for some much needed peace and quiet.

<strong>Rae Shorthouse</strong>
Rae Shorthouse
Property Manager

(519) 650-5599 Ext. 226

Rae has over 25 years’ experience working in the Non-Profit Housing sector, predominantly in the Property Manager role. Given her years at Housing Cambridge, Rae has been able to see all stages of the organization. Along with the Property Management role, Rae also is in charge of accounts receivables. She has a great memory. Once she has met you she will never forget you.

<strong>Carrie Dietrich</strong>
Carrie Dietrich
Administrative Coordinator and Routine Maintenance Assistant

(519) 650-5599 Ext. 221

Carrie has involvement in all aspects of the coordination of administration and maintenance for the Housing Cambridge portfolio over the past five years. She has an excellent record of customer service and her organizational skills are impeccable. Despite her busy days, Carrie is always looking for an opportunity to have a good laugh, or clean and organize something!

<strong>Andy Toman</strong>
Andy Toman
Maintenance Team

Andy has been employed with Housing Cambridge since 2006, working as one of our maintenance personnel. Acting as our Health and Safety Representative, his job is to ensure employees, residents and contractors complete work without causing harm to themselves or others. Besides working for Housing Cambridge, we are sure that Andy was a pastry chef in another life as he makes the best crepes ever!

<strong>Allan Struthers</strong>
Allan Struthers
Maintenance Team

Allan started out as a contractor for Housing Cambridge in 1995 and was hired on as a full time maintenance person in 2010. He is a hard worker specializing in various trades. Allan has a heart of gold and will go to great lengths to make you smile!

<strong>Rebecca Osmond</strong>
Rebecca Osmond
Maintenance Manager

(519) 650-5599 Ext. 222

Rebecca has a Bachelor's Degree in Development Studies and Religion from St. Francis Xavier University and a Post Graduate Certificate in Public Service from Conestoga College. Rebecca has worked at Housing Cambridge since 2013, she serves in a variety of roles in both maintenance and property management capacities. Rebecca has an insatiable hunger for knowledge helping her to 'kick start' her career in the Housing sector. Her vibrant and trendy personality is truly appreciated in the office.  

<strong>Kiya Morphy</strong>
Kiya Morphy
Special Projects Coordinator

(519) 650-5599 Ext. 223

Kiya graduated from Conestoga College in 2014 with a diploma in Protection, Security and Investigations.  She returned in 2015/16 to complete a post graduate certificate in Community and Social Service Management. Kiya is currently working towards her Property Management designation through the Institute of Housing Management. 
Kiya's optimistic attitude mixed with her passion for both affordable housing and community development brings a unique perspective to the organization. She works in various areas of Housing Cambridge, completing special projects, training other staff new technology systems and leads the community development efforts across all nine sites. 

<strong>Monica Taschner</strong>
Monica Taschner
Maintenance Coordinator

(519) 650-5599 Ext. 30

Monica has a Double Major in Architecture- Project and Facility Management from Conestoga College. As she is just beginning her career, Monica is looking forward to meeting tenants, contractors and learning from other Housing Cambridge Staff. She brings an appetite for tacos and a love for laughter. We are happy to welcome Monica to the organization.