Housing Cambridge Eagle Street

A Home for Everyone

  • Ten Separate Properties

    We offer market rent and subsidized rent units. Presently, there are ten separate properties, with a total of 449 units, under Housing Cambridge’s management.

  • Our Mission

    To provide the opportunity for people of all income levels to access quality housing in Cambridge.

  • Making a Difference in our Community

    We understand the need to provide affordable housing within our community. We work hard to help make Cambridge stronger.

A Snapshot of Housing Cambridge

  • 36

    Years in Business

  • 10


  • 586

    Units Managed

  • 22

    Staff & Board

Thanks to our Community Partners:

SPROUTS program

Click on the links below to view the Sprouts brochure, information package, and application form.

Sprouts Brochure

Sprouts Information Pkg

Sprouts Application Form

Questions about Sprouts?

mail: info@housingcambridge.com

Call:  (519) 650-5599 ext. 231

Housing opens doors

Affordable Housing

Once you ring the doorbell, explore this website to learn about the issue and the impact of affordable housing in our community.