About Us

Our organization

To create communities where people of all income levels have access to quality housing.

A home for everyone.

We demonstrate care and concern when dealing with others.

We contribute our strengths and are responsible for our actions.
We treat everyone in a truthful and integrity-based manner.
We accept everyone for who they are, without judgement.
We value everyone.

We believe that people should have the opportunity to create a stable and safe home.
We believe that people should have the opportunity to make positive changes in their lives.
We believe people should have the opportunity to actively participate in healthy and vibrant communities.

Important details

Housing Cambridge provides and manages quality, safe and affordable rental housing for low and moderate-income households. As a municipal non-profit housing provider, we have an independent Board of Directors with two Municipal Councillors representing the City of Cambridge. The organization has a membership and staff concerned about the need for quality affordable housing in this city. We offer market rent and subsidized rent units. Presently, there are nine separate properties, with a total of 448 units, under Housing Cambridge’s management.


We are located at 780 King St. E in Cambridge (Preston).

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About our properties

Our properties give residents the opportunity to live in a mixed income neighbourhood. Seventy percent of the households living at our properties receive a rental subsidy. The remaining thirty percent are able to pay the full market rental value of the unit.

Tenants receiving subsidy are selected through Waterloo Region’s centralized waiting list according to the requirements of the Housing Services Act. Tenants paying the full market rent are selected by Housing Cambridge staff according to the policies established by the Board of Directors. Each tenant is subject to rules and requirements as determined by the Board of Directors and as governed by the Housing Services Act. General maintenance and repair, including landscaping and snow removal, are arranged and supervised by Housing Cambridge.

At each housing property, Housing Cambridge encourages the development of strong sustainable neighborhoods, which provide not only fellowship among residents, but also contributes to a sense of community spirit and responsibility within the neighbourhood.

The presence of community housing offers significant benefits to this city. First and foremost it offers an affordable housing alternative to many citizens of this community. It provides a substantial economic stimulus to the local economy since labour and materials for construction and maintenance of the units are generally acquired locally. Housing Cambridge pays full municipal property taxes for each of its sites. Each property is managed at a high quality of maintenance in order to preserve the integrity of the entire neighbourhood as a great place to live.