Block Parent Program

  • Block Parent Program

    Block-ParentA Block Parent is an adult volunteer who has been Police and Block Parent screened, has been trained, and who has received a registered Block Parent Sign. The Block Parent sign is placed in a front facing window of the Block Parent home. The sign indicates that an adult is available to answer the door to a child, or any community member, who needs assistance. The Block Parent can offer assistance by calling a parent, family member or emergency services. The Block Parent sign shows the community that a caring adult is available, that children are encouraged to visit the Block Parent home if they need assistance, and acts as a deterrent to possible crime in the neighbourhood.

    A strong willed resident at one of our family sites has taken the initiative to get certified with block parent. She has taken the time to make her neighbourhood a better and safer place for children in the area!

    If any other residents are wanting to seek block parent certification, please visit:

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