First Sprouts Event at Green Haven!

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    First Sprouts Event at Green Haven!

    Friday, July 18 marked the very first Sprouts event at Green Haven, our seniors’ building on St. Andrew’s Street, supported by Housing Cambridge. A group of determined volunteers had a goal to create a sense of community where they lived by engaging residents throughout their building. Through weekly meetings and conversations with others, the idea of a building-wide community BBQ was formed.

    Working with the volunteer group was a great experience as the plans came together, with each member of the planning team contributing something unique to the event. Through the Sprouts program, the group sought donations and volunteered their own time in exchange for a Sprouts grant to purchase two gazebos and supplies to host a community BBQ. With cooperative efforts and objective thinking, these volunteers utilized their resources and organized an event both residents at Green Haven and Housing Cambridge staff will remember.

    Not only did this community BBQ showcase the purpose of Sprouts, it also showed that with many different skills, abilities and contributions, positive community building events can happen!

    Two other groups have already formed and are currently planning Sprouts projects.

    We would like to thank all who donated time, materials and support to make the first Sprouts event such a great success!

    We look forward to hearing YOUR ideas for a Sprouts project at your housing site!

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