Intentional Programming – Crafts Activities

  • Intentional Programming – Crafts Activities

    During the second half of August, our Community Worker Summer Student, Jason, will be spending an afternoon at each of our family sites to run crafts activities with our younger residents. The activity is to make painted, wooden signs that each child is able to take home to hang up in their bedroom.

    The intended purpose behind these activities is multi-faceted. Community-based group activities such as these are opportunities to bring the members of a community together to share a common experience. Shared experiences help create shared values, beliefs, and understandings, which in turn promote cohesiveness within neighbourhoods.

    Also, similar to the litter clean-up events that took place earlier this summer, these activities allow connections to be made between residents and staff, resulting in enhanced trust and cooperation in the future.

    In addition to the value of relationship-building practices, the kids had an afternoon of good fun. That’s important too.  



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