Mini Sprouts Application Inspired By Residents’ Initiative

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    Mini Sprouts Application Inspired By Residents’ Initiative

    Housing Cambridge, having introduced the Sprouts Grants program, has had their eyes opened by one of the residents and who expressed interest in giving something back to her community.

    With support of Housing Cambridge staff, the resident was able to create a craft night where local children were invited into the Community Centre to paint letters that would make up the new Community Centre sign. Having recently finished putting it all together, the event was a great success, bringing neighbours and their children together while contributing to their community.

    The resident’s energy to create a new sign for the local Community Centre showed Housing Cambridge staff the usefulness of creating a small-scale grant program to help support resident-driven initiatives. Since the success of the project, Housing Cambridge is proud to announce the Mini-Sprouts Grant. Similar to that of the Sprouts Grant, Mini-Sprouts aims to provide resources for individuals wanting to organize and run a small community event. These events/programs are able to be funded up to $100 and can be led by one or more people.

    Such initiative on the resident’s behalf, demonstrated that simple barriers can be removed by a single act of kindness and a desire to contribute, enhancing one’s community.

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