Music and Mindfulness

  • Music and Mindfulness

    Music and Mindfulness

    The Cambridge Council on Aging put on a great presentation of music and how it explores mindfulness and interconnectedness.

    The June 18 “Music and Mindfulness” program was extremely enjoyable and informative for all involved. Dr. Mitchell Abrams, a Canadian radiologist and musician spoke about how mindfulness is an integral part of our physical health. He explored the effect of music, creativity, meditation techniques and colouring play a part in wellness.

    Housing Cambridge brought a bus full of seniors from their own resident community. We received a lot of positive feedback on the event. It was definitely worth the trek to City Hall.

    Barah OssarehWe all thoroughly enjoyed classical guitarist, Barah Ossareh, who performed various pieces of music from around the world. We were blown away by her talent.

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