Seniors as Mentors and Leaders Project

  • Seniors as Mentors and Leaders Project

    Housing Cambridge has partnered with The Social Planning Council of Cambridge and North Dumfries on a new and exciting project aimed at promoting social engagement and volunteerism as a part of healthy aging. The Seniors as Mentors and Leaders Project pairs participants with other older adults in the community who are committed to spending time together each week. This time could be spent doing any number of things that are of interest to the participant: watching and discussing television and movies, attending community events, gardening, or nearly anything else the two agree on.

    In addition to this one-on-one time, mentors will be hosting group events over the course of the project. These group events, which could include cooking and baking, nature walks, or arts and crafts, are open to other older adults in the area as well.

    Housing Cambridge is excited about this new opportunity for our residents to remain active and engaged while at the same time forming positive and meaningful relationships with other community members.

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