Sprouts Garden Project 2018

  • Sprouts Garden Project 2018

    Sprouts Garden Project 2018

    The Sprouts Garden Project at 263 St. Andrews Street has been complete…and what a success. We’re happy to see the results of the dedication and hard work from those with the vision to make this happen.

    Some of the gardens ground work was already established but they were in terrible need of fresh soil and mulch, as well as some flowers to liven them up a little.   And we’ve done our best to accomplish that with the Sprouts fund.

    The Front Garden:  (Started fresh from the beginning).  (Thank you Sprouts for most in this garden)

    The Front Garden has been neglected for a very long time and had old plants in it that were totally wrong for that sunny spot.  It was my first priority as it is the focal point of welcoming tenants as well as visitors when they drive or walk towards the building.  After doing some research as to the hardiest plants for a sunny garden I’ve chosen the following:


    Russian Sage

    Shasta Daisies

    Black- Eyed Susans



    Cone Flowers



    Ornamental Grasses

    Short Phlox

    Creeping Thyme






    Alliums, a few tulips, and daffodils for spring


    Cosmos (Mid Sized Red)

    Cleome (Just a couple on the side to add interest)




    The Front Raised Box:

    Short Red Cosmos (Annual)

    Forget –Me-Not’s (Perennial)


     The Back Gardens opposite my patio:  (Started fresh two years ago)

    The Back Gardens are great for me as I get to view them regularly!  However they present a bit of a challenge when it comes to choosing the right plants or flowers for the area, ‘not to mention the squirrels and possibly the deer’…lol.   The trees are great, but with the shade from all of the trees surrounding the area, I have to be very careful as to what I should or should not plant there.

    Planting bulbs for spring blooms has been fun and easy to grow in this area.  I usually stick to my ‘Monet’ tulips and some alliums and the garden looks amazing in the spring.  Right now it’s going through the transition from spring to summer; I just have lots, of Shasta Daisies that are a bit slower at blooming than normal due to the lack of sun.  Astilbe, and some herbs.  I’ve also added two ‘Blue Endless Summer Hydrangeas’ recently and hope that they will do well in this area, ‘so far so good’!  Thank you Sprouts for some mulch and the two hydrangeas!


    The smaller Back Garden above:  (This has been my experimental garden for the last two years)

    For the most part; it consists of day lilies, and a couple of irises that were already there when I first started cultivating this garden.   The Chinese lanterns and the peonies that I planted last year are doing very well in this area, as well as the climbing bean plants that I planted this spring.   However the California poppy seeds that I planted in the fall did not germinate at all.  Thank you Sprouts for some added soil and mulch!


    The Side Garden:  (The Side Garden was already established with some plants)

    But it was in desperate need of soil and mulch, as well as some annuals/perennials to liven it up a bit.

    It’s quite a large area, so I decided to plant a ‘Panicle Fire Light Hydrangea’ in the center, so that the tenants could enjoy from above.  However, that was not a very good idea, as the Deer ate up three quarters of the plant.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the side garden belongs to the wild life in the area.  The tenants on that side are fortunate enough to enjoy watching the animals but unfortunately they do not have the flowers! Thank you Sprouts for the soil and mulch!


    The Back Hill Garden:  (The Back Hill Garden was already establish with a few plants)

    But it was filled with weeds and in need of fresh soil, mulch and some special plant to bring it to life.

    So I’ve decided to bring the half eaten ‘Panicle Fire Light Hydrangea’ to this area instead of the Side Garden as there’s a lot more people activity in this area and probably much less wild life activity.

    Thank you Sprouts for the soil, mulch, and hydrangea.


    Please Note that the pics of the gardens consist mostly of newly fresh planted flowers/plants, so that there’s not much colour as yet.  However, I’d be happy to send you pics of the gardens again once the plants are established and in bloom.


    On behalf of all tenants at 263 St. Andrews St., Cambridge ON, N1S 4Z5

    Thank you very much Sprouts, and thank you all at Cambridge None Profit Housing for making this project possible!

    Yours truly,



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