Waterloo Region Neighbourhood Watch

  • Waterloo Region Neighbourhood Watch

    Neighbourhood watchOne goal of Neighbourhood Watch is to help prepare the community for ways in which they can reduce incidents of crime. About 30 residents have formed to create a Neighbourhood Watch group at 182 Queen Street West!

    The Neighbourhood Watch program encourages communities to become aware of suspicious activities in their neighbourhoods. Participants meet to discuss residential security, personal security and effective crime reporting.

    Each neighbourhood has a Watch Captain who organizes meetings and maintains up-to-date membership information. The Neighbourhood Watch members in each city are kept informed about crime and crime trends in their areas on a regular basis.

    To obtain more information or to become a Neighbourhood Watch member, please contact the following number that corresponds to your location.

    To reach the Neighbourhood Watch office you may call: 519-650-8500 ext 6390 or visit the new Neighbourhood Watch website at:  http://www.wrnw.ca/

    NOTE: As this office is maintained by volunteers it may be necessary to leave a message and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

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