Property Maintenance

Types of maintenance

EMERGENCY Maintenance: Phone 519-650-4759 (Response time is within 24 hours)

What constitutes an after hours/week-end emergency maintenance?

Fire – call 911

Gas leak – call 911

Flood (leaking plumbing fixtures are not floods)

Lock out (not if key has been forgotten somewhere or if it is a convience call)

No Electricity in whole unit (one or two outlets or fixtures can wait until the next business day)

No Heat (between the months of September – June)

No Hot Water

No Water

Sewer backup

Refrigerator no longer working

Major roof leaks, which could cause ceiling to collapse

Toilets clogged (if only one toilet in unit)

Smoke detector malfunction

Non-Emergency calls will be handled on a priority basis. Examples of these are:

- Dripping taps

- Bathroom fan

- A/C not working

- Laundry facilities not working

- Oven element replacement

- Clogged drains or dripping drain pipes

- Closet door repairs

- Damaged screens

- Drywall repairs

- Cosmetic problems

- Noisy neighbours

- Skunks or other wildlife on property

- Behavioural problems

Service request

It is advisable to contact the office upon discovery of a problem as early in the morning as possible. 

Urgent calls received late in the day/or late Friday afternoon cannot be addressed until the next business day.

- Housing Cambridge strives to maintain a good level of service and looks forward to consideration and co-operation from all tenants.

- Housing Cambridge relies on sub-contractors for some repairs and does not have staff on call 24 hours, therefore, please make arrangements for someone to be in the unit or give permission to enter when a repair is required.