Housing Cambridge rentals

The following units are available for rent:

There are currently no rentals available. Please check back soon or contact us for more details.

Contact Housing Cambridge for more information on our properties and rental policies or to arrange a viewing of one of our vacancies at 519-650-5599.

Applying for housing

Housing Cambridge provides apartment rentals and townhouse rentals in Cambridge, Ontario.  We charge two types of rental rates: market rent and subsidized rent [rent geared to income (RGI) and below average market rent (BAMR)]. The application process for each rental type is different.  You can learn more about our townhouse rental policies, apartment rental polices and how to apply for housing.

Location occupancy

  • Galt 100%
  • Preston 100%
  • Hespeler 100%

Don't be discouraged if our occupancy is at 100%. Housing Cambridge occupancy rates are often high. Rental units do become available periodically. Those on the waiting list will be first to be called. Advertisements will be placed in the community if our waiting lists have been depleted.